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Into every detail of our rugs goes that essential ingredient which is composed of premium quality, eco-friendly materials, and the human hand.

Checkered rugs

Are you ready to introduce Moroccan checkered rugs into your home? Perhaps you've seen the classic black-and-white checkered pattern or any other eye-catching checks. They demonstrate how sophisticated and polished the pattern can be, but our versions feel more contemporary and carefree, embodying the spirit of the free Berber. Furthermore, the majority of our Moroccan checked rugs are perfect examples of the weaving evolution of the Berber pattern. The classic checkers appear in a variety of shapes and colors, and each of the gridlike pieces evokes an optimistic sense of joy—something we could all use right now.

Abstract moroccan rugs

Your home is your canvas! Our Abstract collection is an absolute delight to behold, whether you have a contemporary design or simply want artistic pieces to dress up your day. These rugs bring a beautiful fluidity into a room with their spontaneous bursts. Their vibrant colors and original designs are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Each one of our Abstract rugs is a piece of floor art, handcrafted with love and care by skilled artisans conveying their creativity and skill.

Moroccan Kilim rugs

Our Moroccan Kilim rugs are woven flat with no pile, which means they lack the plush, cushy feel. But that doesn't mean they're not comfortable walking on! Their silken sheen and variety of color palettes allow them to work in both minimalist and maximalist decor, and their natural fibers make them ideal for high-traffic areas such as a kitchen, bedroom, or dining room. Our collection of Kilim rugs is so divine and masterfully crafted that we wouldn't mind if you hung them up as art; after all, they're a story in and of themselves.


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