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Babakech is a Marrakechi manifestation and celebration of Morocco as a whole, of culture and of its people. At Babakech, we welcome you to see the diverse range of Moroccan Amazigh Rugs that our inventory has to offer. And with an in-depth look and well-informed headspace, we are here to provide you with the all related Moroccan rugs enticing experience.

Our love for and fascination with Morrocan Traditional rugs stems from our own Moroccan and Amazighi roots. Our deeply rooted love for the culture and the people has pushed us into a search for bits and pieces that showcase this culture_ that showcase our culture so that we bring them up to the surface and share them with the world.

Haj Khalid
Babakech Curator of Traditional Moroccan Rugs.

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4.8 ft x 8.2 ft - 146 cm x 250 cm

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6.7 ft x 9.8 ft - 205 cm x 300 cm

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7.3 ft x 11.2 ft - 222 cm x 342 cm

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6.9 ft x 9.4 ft - 210 cm x 286 cm

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5.1 ft x 8.1 ft - 155 cm x 248 cm

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7 ft x 9.5 ft - 213 cm x 290 cm

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From 177 USD FREE shipping

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Originality and contemporary

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Products Hand woven 100%

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