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Maintaining a Moroccan Rug

Maintaining a Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Amazigh handwoven rugs have always maintained a solid reputation among other handmade rugs for being extremely durable and resistant, making them well suited to entries, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms with ease or even offices. However, even perfection has room for improvement. Some Moroccan rugs,  like wool-based rugs, Sabra rugs can be somewhat delicate and easily damaged if wrongly maintained yet, with the regular and right maintenance, proper treatment and care and a little bit of love, expect a rug that will remain as good as new for generations to come. 


 If your rug is placed in high-traffic areas where it is exposed to a constant damage state, you need to consider vacuuming on a daily basis. Because? exposure to dust and dirt can cause serious harm to the rug and can result in shedding as well. So, remember to vacuum your rug in one direction (not back and forth) using suction only as using the bristle attachment can cause your rug to worn out quickly. Most importantly, to preserve the life of the rug, It is recommended to use a rug pad.


 Spillage and accidents involving liquids are inevitable when it comes to rugs. But, treating the spill immediately without any delay always gives the advantage to a fully treated stain. If you take more time in treating the spill, the rug is more likely to soak up the spilled liquid and makes it harder to clean the stain. The best solution is to blot the spilled area using a damp (not wet) cloth or a kitchen towel with plain water and it is highly recommended to not use soap or any cleaning products, as they could damage or fade the rug.


 Excessive direct sunlight exposure, and foot trafficking can quite naturally ruin the look, damage the pile, and create uneven fading throughout the rug. This can be prevented by paying attention to the placement of your rug, rotating it every 3 months, and blocking the direct sunlight using blinds or curtains when the room is not in use to avoid the overall wear. 


 You should keep in mind that Moroccan rugs have a natural layer of protection that is durable and rich in lanolin. Thus, it is best to interfere as little as possible with the materials. While the tips and tricks above ensure slight protection for slight challenges, for larger, deeper stains, they are best cared for using professional equipment to which you will not have access. Why take a chance on your beautiful investment piece? Leave it to the professionals for the ideal handmade rug cleaning and repairing.


 Excess moisture will only lead to a moldy piece of rug, especially the area rugs that are close to bathrooms and kitchens, which are more likely to get wet. Therefore, keeping your rug in a constant dry state would result in a hygienic, odor-free, and mold-free space.