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The Babakech Rugs 2023 Trend Report is here!

The Babakech Rugs 2023 Trend Report is here!

It's a brand new year! And with it, a plethora of lovely, new home decor trends to incorporate into your space. While we understand that home trends are not the same as fashion trends—and that it is unrealistic to change your home every time a new trend emerges—there are small ways to incorporate these 2023 home decor trends into your space. And our preferred method is to install a new Moroccan rug!

This roundup has a trend for everyone, whether you want to add some bright color or a plush new texture. Continue reading to find out how to rock the latest rug trends in 2023!


Textures Matters

We'll never get tired of Moroccan rugs with warm, shaggy textures, and we can't wait to see more of them in 2023. Take texture cues from furniture and other designs, such as bouclé upholstery, sherpa accents, and luxe velvet, and apply them to your floors with rugs with high-low piles, chunky tassels, mixed materials, and other elevating embellishments.



Bright Pops of Color

After all-white and neutral looks leading the way for so long, color is finally coming back in a big way. And while we’ll always have a place in our heart for minimalism and spare palettes, we’re so excited to see splashy shades make a comeback. The easiest way to try out this trend? By rolling out a colorful Moroccan rug! With its large surface area, a Berber rug is a perfect way to incorporate tons of color—and with only one piece!



Contemporary Tradition

Nothing beats the tradition and intricate design of an imperfect Beni Ourain rug, and we expect to see more traditional designs everywhere—but with a modern twist. This includes classic styles in pared-back, muted tones, traditional motifs with a modern twist, and more.



Keeping With the Theme of Sustainability

Environmentally friendly Moroccan rugs can now be found in all areas of the home, more than ever before. And we're proud to put our best pro-environmental foot forward with a range of sustainable styles made from natural materials



Rugs as Works of Art

Art looks great on the walls. But did you know that art can also be found on the floor in the form of rugs? Expect to see more Moroccan rugs with motifs similar to those found in a well-curated gallery wall this year. Consider ethereal abstract patterns, ultra-modern geometric shapes, and more eye-catching designs.



Stripes Are the New Trend

Berber stripes have always been popular, and they'll be even more so in 2023. This is the style to choose when you want to add a timeless touch of tribal pattern, whether it's a classic cabana stripe, a more abstract geometric take, or stripes interspersed within another design.