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Pink, Red, and Cozy Romantic Moroccan Rugs

Pink, Red, and Cozy Romantic Moroccan Rugs

Is it possible to find romantic Moroccan rugs? While the concept may appear a little corny, hear us out: Valentine's Day-themed rugs are a lovely addition to any home. Consider rugs in bold red, hot pink, rosy pastels, and cozy textures rather than heart motifs. We'll walk you through a few of our favorite ways to show love at home that is in season all year.


Make a statement with Red Romantic Area Rugs

Roses are red, and these Moroccan rugs are as well—but what's more, these styles won't wilt after a week in your home. While red is the color of Valentine's Day, it's also a classic shade in home decor, perfect for adding a bold yet traditional touch to any space including kids' rooms!



Go Bold With Hot Pink

Pink is the color of hearts and flowers, but it also works well as a centerpiece color in your design scheme. To add drama and fun, roll out a hot pink Moroccan rug. And if you're concerned about it reading too juvenile, don't be. Hot pink rugs can feel downright sophisticated with the right accents and furniture layout. To make it feel cohesive and grown-up, tie back the colors in your Moroccan rug to pillows and other accents.



Choose Pastel Pink Moroccan Rugs

Consider a light pastel pink rug as the foundation for your space if you prefer the softer side of things. A light pink Moroccan rug is ideal for adding just a hint of color while still creating that neutral backdrop in children's rooms as well as more public spaces such as the dining room and living room.



Embrace Textured Moroccan Rugs

The movies may portray a bearskin rug by the fireplace as the ultimate in romance, but we recommend a much more subtle, chicer alternative: Moroccan rugs with a variety of textures. These cozy styles, such as shag rugs, and rugs with high-low piles in general, add a little romance and warmth without feeling too out of place in everyday living. Love!