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How to Make Use of Multiple Moroccan Runner Rugs

How to Make Use of Multiple Moroccan Runner Rugs

Moroccan runners, also known as runner rugs, are long, narrow rugs that add a stylish and soft touch to any room. They are perfect for hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, and other small spaces. Many people wonder if they can use multiple Moroccan runner rugs in the same room. What is the solution? Absolutely!

You can express your own style and exuberance by adding multiple runner rugs to your home. You can even mix vintage and modern runners throughout, Moroccan and Oriental, flatweave and shag, or hand-knotted. The options are truly limitless.


Moroccan Runners for Hallways

When placing multiple Berber runner rugs in a hallway, try to choose something that complements the color and style of adjacent rooms. They don't have to match exactly, but they should be in the same world, which means the runners should have complementary motifs or color schemes. Consider siblings rather than twins.

If you have a particularly long corridor, you can easily arrange them one after the other. Just make sure to leave a couple of inches between your runner rugs to create a gentle flow.



Can Two Runners Be Used in a Hallway?

Definitely! If your hallway is long enough, you can even use three or more runner rugs in the same space. Again, just leave enough space between them so that each rug has its own distinct appearance rather than looking like one long carpet.



Moroccan Runners for the Kitchen

Kitchen runner rugs should be placed at least 6" away from the wall, built-in cabinets, or appliances. You can then place one runner rug in front of the oven and another in front of your kitchen nook or counter-side bar seating. Make sure that any furniture is completely covered by the rugs.



Rug Pads are a Must

Using a rug pad is one of the most important aspects of runner rug placement that is frequently overlooked. Rug pads keep rugs in place and keep them from sliding around on wood, tile, and wet floors.



General Care Instructions for Multiple Moroccan Runners

Your runner rugs will last for decades if properly cared for. Simply remember the following key points:


  • To remove dirt and grime, vacuum your runner rugs once or twice a week. Instead of a rotary vacuum, use a suction vacuum.
  • Make certain that you vacuum both sides of your rug.
  • Every 3 to 5 years have your runner rugs professionally hand-washed.

Rotary vacuums, stain removers, and steamers should be avoided as they will cause irreversible damage to your runner rugs.