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The Process of Bringing Your Custom Moroccan Rug Home

The Process of Bringing Your Custom Moroccan Rug Home

Everyone (and every home!) is unique in terms of style, shape, and story, so a one-size-fits-all approach does not always work. Whether you've decided you want a custom Moroccan rug or are just thinking about it, the process of getting one may appear complicated, but it's actually quite simple! To make the process as simple as possible, we've outlined everything below.


1. Pick Your Favorites, Select Samples



With so many work-from-anywhere options, it can be difficult to choose. Need help making a decision? Try our 2'x2' fully finished samples. Sit with them in your space and discover which designs and textures appeal to you. We recommend comparing them to your existing furniture and décor to see which one best suits your unique style. Our affordable samples are an easy, approachable way to preview the styles you love before ordering your full-sized made-to-measure rug.


2. Measure with Precision


However, before you begin, finalize your furniture layout! Plan to position your Moroccan rug so that all of your seating rests on it (this looks best!), then use a steel measuring tape to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, when determining the dimensions of your living room Moroccan rug, we recommend leaving at least 12" to 18" between the rug's edges and the walls. This is a good rule of thumb for most spaces, but for more information on how to measure other rooms, see our size guide.


3. Place Your Order


The best part? Simply add it to your cart! If you're ready to dive in without sampling, go to the page for your favorite style. Once there, enter your custom Moroccan rug's exact dimensions, add it to your cart, and place your order.


4. Roll Out Your Moroccan Rug


Your handmade made-to-order rug will be delivered within four to six weeks. That's right—your personalized Moroccan rug, made entirely by hand, will be delivered to your home in no time. When it arrives, place it in your space and watch how your perfect-fit piece brings it to life!