Authentic Moroccan Rugs Accessible Worldwide

Our Mission

"The idea of opening an online rug-focused shop had been bouncing around in my mind for some time, but it always seemed like a daydream."


Haj Khalid, the founder behind Babakech, drew inspiration from his Moroccan and Amazigh heritages when he established Babakech, a rug shop that compensates for the lack of online marketplaces that sell true authentic Moroccan rugs. "I’m proud to say that our online shop has become a connective link for customers to discover the beautiful craftwork of the women weavers." Says Haj.

Babakech carries a constantly rotating selection of vintage and contemporary Moroccan rugs, as well as distinctive designs encompassing most rug styles, including hand-knotted (thick piles) and Kilims (flatwoven) from various Moroccan regions and tribes. The online store is stocked with everything from the most colorful hues to the most minimalist and geometric designs, all made with purely organic materials, and crafted for that captivating effect. Rather than being the center of attention, Babakech rugs can ground any space and perfectly tie everything together.

The rug's prices, in general, are accessible; a product of Haj's desire to share the charm of Moroccan rugs with the rest of the world. Babakech focuses on delivering nothing but the best quality rugs, which means collaborating with local women weavers to create artful yet affordable handwoven rugs, in addition to securing all sizes to fill even the smallest niches while adding new dimensions to both living and working spaces.

Haj Khalid is ambitious about the store’s objective, part of which is to share his passion and love towards Moroccan Amazigh rugs from the depths of the High Atlas mountains of Morocco to the rest of the world. Babakech deliberately scouts local Amazigh women—ideally work that can’t be bought elsewhere, to give back to the rural community that thrives in enabling the tradition behind rug weaving to grow and flourish. In addition to purchasing your one-of-a-kind rug, you are automatically helping these households to survive the harsh living conditions and to educate their kids.

Now that you have a clear backstory about Babakech and the vision it embodies, make sure to check the wide range of vintage and contemporary Moroccan rugs, and everything in between the store has to offer.