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Zamouri rugs

Zamouri is an Amazigh tribe in Morocco that is well known for making rugs with a special Amazigh design and exceptional color palettes. Up to this day, Zamouri rugs are still made of natural sheep wool and with the same old Moroccan weaving techniques.

4.8 ft x 7.9 ft - 147 cm x 242 cm

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5.5 ft x 8.2 ft - 167 cm x 250 cm

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5.7 ft x 8.3 ft - 175 cm x 253 cm

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5.5 ft x 8.9 ft - 167 cm x 270 cm

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5.9 ft x 9.8 ft - 180 cm x 300 cm

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Zamouri is a tribe in Atlas mountains of Morocco that has started making rugs very early in order to make winter less harsh. Zamouri rugs have their own Amazigh design that is easy to detect for experts. They are also made of pure natural wool using the very same Moroccan traditional weaving techniques they have always been using.