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About us

About us
About us

Each Moroccan rug folds an enchanting tale. Yours awaits.

We have created Babakech to share our passion and love towards Moroccan Amazighen rugs from the High Atlas mountains to the rest of the world. We believe that these rugs hold into them the Moroccan culture, Amazighen values, and the craftspeople's stories.

Babakech has started with two people sharing the same passion, then the Babakech team has been growing day after day, for the purpose of providing you with not only our well-chosen collections of rugs but also the rugs hunting trips, the making processes, and the story behind every rug.

Our vision is to prevent this traditional art from vanishing, bring forth a new concept of rugs that combines together both modern and old-fashioned styles, in order to bring uniqueness and premium quality to your home.

Babakech put forward a hugely diverse collection of rugs made in different Moroccan regions; Ben Ourarain, Mrirt, Boujad, Taznakht... either flatweaves or medium pills. Rugs that can be used as wall decor or a regular floor rug. Made of multiple color palettes and geometric designs. All of our rugs are hand wove, and made of superior quality sheep wool.