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Azilal rugs

Azilal is located in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Their rugs became so popular recently for their traditional Moroccan Amazigh design and their colorful, well balanced color palettes. Azilal rugs are made mainly of wool or cotton or sometimes both.

3.6 ft x 5.1 ft - 111 cm x 156 cm

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3.8 ft x 8.1 ft - 117 cm x 246 cm

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5.1 ft x 7.9 ft - 155 cm x 240 cm

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Azilal is a provincial capital in the center of  Morocco, located in the Atlas Mountains. It is also the capital of the MGoun Conservation Area, home to a unique dialect of Tamazight, and also home to one of the most unique Moroccan rugs which became popular recently. 

Families in Azilal make these rugs for their own homes, therefore, each family makes their own matchless designs. These rugs are extremely soft and give the luxurious feeling underfoot; as they are handwoven with natural wool mixed with cotton or sometimes made of only cotton. Each rug takes several months to be fully done. 

They are known for the horizontal Amazighen Moroccan traditional design and colorful and balanced palettes. Each rug tells the story of their weavers, and the families pass the weaving art from a generation to the next. The symbols and characters on these rugs are archaic, coming from the nomadic tribes. 

To combine the abstract, traditional and vivid touch and the softness and superior quality; choose Azilal rugs for your space. They will absolutely match any home style.