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Bedroom Rugs: Frequently Asked Questions

Bedroom Rugs: Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a Moroccan area rug is a quick and easy method to improve the look of your bedroom. A new bedroom rug, whether a large statement piece or a smaller accent rug, can really pull a bedroom look together.

If you've been looking for bedroom rugs but aren't really sure how you'll use them, consider some of the most frequently asked questions concerning bedroom rugs.


1. Where Should I Set My Bedroom Rugs?


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The most important concern when it comes to purchasing a new Moroccan rug for your bedroom is deciding where to put it. The location of a rug in your bedroom is determined by various factors, including the size of your room and the furniture or space you want to complement.

For example, choosing a small rug is ideal if you need to access your bedside table or a corner chair. Put the rug carefully under the framework. Avoid placing little rugs in the center of the room. It will make the rest of your room appear empty.

If you want the rug to be the main point, position it in the middle of the room, or towards the center. The majority of people choose the spot under their bed. This placement gives comfort to your area by acting as an "anchor" or point of convergence. Move your bed out of the way and lay a rug in its place to "anchor" it. It's OK (and perhaps preferred) if the rug is somewhat broader and longer than your bed. However, make sure the rug is not too huge and extends too far out. Otherwise, it may crowd the area.

After you've rolled the rug and smoothed out any creases, position your bed on top of it.


2. What Is the Best Way to Layer My Bedroom Rugs?


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Some homeowners wish to add a personal touch to their bedroom by layering area rugs. If you wish to layer rugs in your bedroom, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost, your bedroom should be larger in size. Layering bedroom rugs looks best in master bedrooms but can be overwhelming in smaller guest bedrooms.

Second, keep your bedroom furnishings and decor to a minimum. Layered rugs look best in bedrooms with merely a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. When there is a lot of extra furniture or decor in the area, layered rugs will simply make it look cluttered and chaotic.

Third, the rugs you layer should be made of contrasting materials and colors. Layering two thick rugs or two rugs that are radically different in color or design is not a good idea—instead, overlay two rugs (one thin and one thick) in complementary colors.


3. How Do I Choose the Right Rug for my Bedroom?


Choosing the ideal Moroccan rug for your bedroom is determined by a number of criteria. First and foremost, evaluate where the rug will be put, since this will define its size and shape. Remember that you don't want your rug to come into contact with various pieces of furniture. This will make your space look messy and disorganized. You should also make certain that the rug is not blocking your bedroom door(s).

If you can't decide on a color or pattern for your bedroom rug, consider the theme of your interior. What color are the walls? The drapes? The bedding? Ultimately, rug colors and motifs should complement the color scheme of your home.

Don't forget to consider your design style as well. Minimalist? Eclectic? If your bedroom is already crowded, a highly patterned rug will make it feel more busier. Don't overcrowd your area! Choose a basic rug, but make sure it has texture. Nevertheless, a slightly decorated Moroccan rug may work well in a room with minimal effect.


4. What Rug Size Should I Get for My Bedroom?


When shopping for a new bedroom rug, you may be unsure about what size to choose. Sizing is mostly determined by two factors: the size of your bedroom and the location where the rug will be placed. You should also consider your furniture layout and the size of your bed (if you intend to place the rug below it).

If you have a king-size bed in your master bedroom, you might place a huge rug (about 6 ft. × 9 ft.) in the center of the room. That rug would sit beneath the end of the bed, anchoring the remainder of the room in the center. If you want to put your rug entirely below the bed and nightstands (if you have them), it should be at least 9 ft. by 12 ft., preferably 10 ft. x 14 ft.

Do you wish to furnish a smaller bedroom or a guest room? Then, for accents, acquire small rugs (like these 2 ft. by 3 ft. rugs) or a medium rug (about 4 ft. × 6 ft.) for the middle of the room.

If you want to put a rug under your bed, choose one that is large enough to allow two or three inches on either side of the bed. You might also put runners on both sides of your bed or one at the foot of your bed.


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