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Eco-Friendly Moroccan Rugs: A Rug That's Good for the Environment and Looks Great in Your Home

Eco-Friendly Moroccan Rugs: A Rug That's Good for the Environment and Looks Great in Your Home

When it comes to being a more environmentally conscious consumer, there are several more sustainable purchases you can make, from the clothes you wear to the beddings you sleep on to the snacks you eat—and even the rugs you lay out in your house! We are pleased to tell you that we sell nothing but eco-friendly rugs made from naturally sourced and recycle materials. And, sure, they're just as lovely and soft as less environmentally friendly designs!

Are you ready to decorate your house with eco-friendly rugs? Continue reading to find out more!



What Makes a Rug Sustainable?


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The material of a rug has a significant impact on its environmental sustainability and friendliness. Our most environmentally friendly rugs are made from recycled or renewable plant-based materials such as wool and cactus silk.

These materials are part of a rotating, sustainable loop that takes items that the earth naturally produces—or that are already on the earth, in the case of recycled materials—and turns them into something utterly new (thus keeping waste out of landfills!).


Why Choosing Eco-Friendly Rugs a Necessity?


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Let's face it: households generate a large amount of waste. There's a lot that gets into the landfill from our houses, including uneaten food, waste, energy, and various plastics. So, wherever possible, select eco-friendly choices, such as purchasing Moroccan rugs made of renewable or recycled materials.

And don't be concerned about the quality! Our Moroccan rugs do not have the feel of cheap, second-rate equivalents. They're the real stuff, as comfy and gorgeous as rugs made from less environmentally friendly materials.


Types of Eco-Friendly Rugs our Store has to Offer


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Wool Moroccan rugs: Wool rugs are among the most environmentally friendly alternatives available since they are comprised of naturally sourced fiber. They're made from sheep wool, which can be found in the highest Atlas Mountains. Wool rugs are one of our top selections for all rugs, not just sustainable rugs! They're designer favorites because they're incredibly durable, have gorgeous texture, are fantastic for layering, and are often reasonably priced.

Cactus-silk Moroccan rugs: Cactus silk (Sabra) is another popular natural material used in our rugs, and it is derived from the Alovera plant's long-lasting fibers. Cactus silk rugs, like wool, can withstand heavy foot activity and are ideal for creating a delightfully textured touch to any area.

Boucherouite rugs: The materials used to make these one-of-a-kind rugs are mainly scraps of recycled thread and fabrics that go through the same dyeing processes as regular Moroccan rugs. The high-quality weaving and the original materials provide these rugs with elegant shininess, superior volume, and fullness unknown in any other rug on the market.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Eco-Friendly Moroccan Rug


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Sustainability is more than just the material of the goods you purchase. It's also about how you utilize and maintain it. Here's how to get the most out of your eco-friendly rugs and keep them looking good for years to come:

Air-dry rugs. Do you own one of our Moroccan rugs? To save electricity, hang-dry your rug after washing instead of using the dryer. Remember to use eco-friendly detergent!

Take proper care of your rug. This will keep your Moroccan rug in good shape for a long time. Make sure to vacuum it on a regular basis to prevent dirt and grime from becoming lodged in the fibers, and spot-clean any stains that appear. Learn more about how to care for your rug here.