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NEW AND ON MAJOR SALE! What Rugs Should You Buy During Our Sale?

NEW AND ON MAJOR SALE! What Rugs Should You Buy During Our Sale?

What are the best parts about our big sale going on right now? Almost everything is on sale, including our most recent shipment of new arrivals! That's right: it's new, on sale, and ready to go in any room! If you need some inspiration, we've compiled a list of our favorites that we know will look great in your home. Continue reading to see our picks!


1. Striped Rug. from $190


We'll always love stripes, and we especially like how this version modernizes the ever-classic motif. This rug is made from luxuriously soft wool and has a durable handmade structure. It is ideal if you want a rug that will withstand wear and tear while also looking good.


2. Triangle Rug. from $190


A combination of high and low pile lengths gives this rug a distinct texture that, when combined with its soft wool, feels wonderfully plush underfoot. To bring in all the cozy feelings, try it in a bedroom or living room.


3. Upside Down Rug. from $190


Sometimes you need a rug that can do more. Or, in the case of our contemporary collection, a lot more. Bring this style's versatility and ease of care into your home, and its abstract design is ideal for adding an artful touch. It also comes in custom sizes, so you can choose your favorite!


4. Boho Rug. from $228


This rug goes with almost any style of decor, from boho to modern to traditional! The distressed look, combined with the strong geometric shapes, creates a casual yet sophisticated vibe that is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms... and pretty much any other type of space!


5. Ivory & Green Rug. from $190


This rug is all about texture, texture, and extra texture! It's a charming addition to any room in a versatile beige color palette, especially in a bedroom where you want a plush, soft rug underfoot.


6. Textured Shag Rug. from $190


If you thought white and cream rugs were boring, this style will change your mind! The hand-tufted inspired style and wool make the rug feel incredibly soft underfoot, while a carved maze-inspired motif creates a modern (but not harsh) high-low pile.


7. Amazigh Details. $1024


Nothing beats the beauty of a vintage rug—one look at this style and we think you'll agree! This rug's moody hues, geometric pattern, and distressed appearance make it ideal for adding antique charm to a space. And the fact that it's handmade doesn't hurt either!


8. Black Mono Chessboard Rug. from $190


We've previously expressed our love for the graphic checkered trend, so we're thrilled to add even more styles to our collection. From the sturdy flatwoven jute construction to the endearing tassels, this piece is brimming with lovely textural details.


9. Bohemian Checkered Rug $190


This rug has so many appealing features, from its columns of broken stripes to its wildly chic monochromatic palette, which is ideal for adding a graphic touch to your space. What's better? Close inspection reveals the beautiful tonal variation in the yarns, which makes it appear much more expensive than it is.