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Colorful Rugs: How to Create a Bold, Beautiful Look in Your Home

Colorful Rugs: How to Create a Bold, Beautiful Look in Your Home

Colorful rugs are stunning! However, their bold, bright bravado can be intimidating and challenging to pull off. After all, you don't want to end up with an overly busy space that is tiring to the eyes and lacks cohesion. But don't be concerned! Colorful rugs are simple to decorate, and they don't have to be done by designers with years of experience and an expert eye for color. We'll show you how to decorate with bold, bright rugs and why they're such great additions to your home.


The Fundamentals of Color


If you're considering introducing colorful rugs into your home but are concerned about how they'll blend with the existing colors, we've got plenty of advice to help you.

Locate your color bridge. Take note of all the colors in your current environment. When choosing a rug, look for styles that share at least one color with the rest of your decor. This color will serve as your connecting "bridge" color, keeping everything cohesive and feeling in sync.

Accents help to connect colors. Bring in pops of color that complement the colors in your rug in some way. Perhaps a couch pillow complements the blue in your rug or a red in your rug is echoed in an art print. We also enjoy doing this with larger pieces such as accent chairs and sofas.

Don't be concerned about reaching perfection. Don't worry about finding the perfect shade match or making sure your rug matches every color in your room. In fact, slight color variations are beneficial and contribute significantly to the depth and character of your space.


Boldness is Meant to be Balanced


The art of color in interior design is all about balance. Even if you have a cohesive color palette, the key to pulling it all together is in how you use these colors and in what proportions. This is what we mean!

Spread out the bright, bold moments. A colorful rug with oversize artwork, wallpaper, and bright furniture may be too much. (However, if that's your style, go for it! We've seen it done numerous times.) Spread out these bold pieces to maintain a sense of balance in the room and keep the eye from becoming overwhelmed.

The scale should be mixed. If you have a variety of patterns throughout your space, try mixing small- and large-scale motifs to add some variation. This is a tried-and-true designer trick that will give your space the desired layered look.

Include some neutrals. We recommend infusing a few neutral pieces in your space to add a fresh pop to your colorful rug, whether it's on the sofa, coffee table, curtains, or walls. This does not imply using only neutrals on top of your rug, as this will make the space feel unbalanced. However, a few key pieces scattered throughout the space will suffice!

Pair with a painted wall. Pairing a rug with the color of your walls is a great way to create a cohesive color story and make the rug feel more immersed and connected to your space. Consider it a beautiful color sandwich, with the bottom layer being the rug, the middle layer being all of your furniture, and the top layer being the walls.

Don't be afraid to try new things. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you! If you start with a bold rug, you can always add and subtract items to experiment with your look until you find the right balance. Isn't that part of the fun of decorating?


Consider the Rest of Your Interior Home


Is the area where you want to put a colorful rug connected to other rooms in your house? If so, you'll need to consider not only the room itself but also those around it. The last thing you want is a brightly colored room that stands out in a house full of neutrals.

Consider the lines of sight from adjacent rooms and whether the colors of your rug will be distracting when you're in those other rooms. You don't have to match the colors perfectly—or at all—but it's one of those things you often overlook until you've already rolled out the rug.


If You're Nervous, Start with a Small Colorful Rug


Not quite ready to plunge headfirst into the vibrant world of colorful rugs? We understand! Dip your toe into the water by experimenting with a smaller colorful rug, such as a 4' x 6' or 5' x 8' size in small spaces such as a hallway or an office. We also like the idea of testing out the look by layering a small bold rug on top of an existing neutral rug or carpet.


How to Use Colorful Rugs in a Decorated Room


So you have a fully or mostly furnished room and want to replace your current rug with something more colorful. Amazing! We have a few pointers to help you choose a rug that will look great in your room.

First and foremost, conduct research. Take a look through Pinterest and Instagram and save photos that match your vision or have rugs you like. Everyone tells you to do it, but it's a seriously powerful tool for figuring out what you like before you spend the time and money buying something.

Next, look for the ideal rug. Spend some time looking for rugs that fit into your vision for the space, using all of the knowledge you've gained from this post. Babakech rugs allows you to shop for Moroccan rugs by color, making it simple to browse and find what you're looking for.