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7 Shag Rug Ideas for Adding Cozy Textures to Your Space

7 Shag Rug Ideas for Adding Cozy Textures to Your Space

Do you have a lovely, textural shag rug in your living space? If not, we recommend that you try one! We believe that every home should have one, and because they come in so many different colors, patterns, and styles, you can find one for almost any room in your house! Ready for some high-pile inspiration and to discover why these styles are so popular? Continue reading for some fantastic shag rug ideas!


Shag Rugs Provide all the Texture


We only have one question: Why wouldn't you want to roll out a shag rug in your home with a texture like this? Our Textured Geometric rug (shown above) has carved details and varying pile heights, giving it even more texture than traditional shag styles. If a more streamlined look is more your style, we have plenty of styles with a uniform pile height. Check them out all to find the perfect look for your space!


Shag Rugs Add Charm to Neutral Color Schemes


Looking for a neutral-colored rug but concerned that it will appear too... boring? Try a shag style to add some textural interest to your space—we promise it won't feel boring, as evidenced by our Solid Shag with Tassels rug in beige, which is rolled out in the chic living room above.


Shag Rugs are Ideal for Layering


If you've been around here long enough, you've probably heard us wax poetic about our love of layering rugs. (What else can we say? When it comes to rugs, sometimes more is more!) This technique can be used with shag rugs, whether you want to roll one out as the bottom layer as shown above, or place it as the finishing touch. If you're concerned about slippage, make sure you secure the rugs to one another with carpet tape—especially if you're using smaller-sized rugs.


Shag Rugs are Best Suited for Bedrooms


One of our favorite shag rug applications is in the bedroom. We'd argue that there's no better style for your suite than a shag rug—after all, how amazing does it sound to sink your bare feet into the soft, high pile of a shag rug every morning? That's one way to make getting out of bed a little easier, in our opinion!


Shag Rugs are a Soft and Cozy Choice for Children's Rooms


Just as shag rugs are an excellent choice for the bedroom, they are also an excellent choice for children's rooms. Their soft shaggy pile makes them a smart, practical option where crawling and playtime happen on the floor, whether rolled out in a nursery, kid's bedroom, or play area.


Shag Rugs are a Popular Choice for Moroccan-Inspired Decor


A list of shag rug ideas would be incomplete without mentioning the Moroccan style! Our Moroccan shags are traditional rugs woven by Berber tribes in Morocco's High Atlas mountains and feature the popular graphic diamond and trellis patterns. Roll one out in any room to bring a beautiful, global-inspired look to your own space!


Shag Rugs Look Like Works of Art on the Floor


The textured, high-pile nature of shag rugs stands out on its own to create a unique, elevated statement in your space. Combine that with the fact that they come in bright colors and patterns, and you've got a work of art rolled out on your floor!