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Now in Style: Contemporary Neutral Moroccan Area Rugs

Now in Style: Contemporary Neutral Moroccan Area Rugs

Neutral Moroccan rugs will always be popular, but those with a more contemporary edge are having a major moment right now. These designs are filled with versatile neutral palettes and are given a modern twist with a mix of unique textures and sleek, goes-with-almost-anything motifs. Does this describe your style? Are you ready to dive into the world of modern neutral Moroccan rugs? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about these modern, ever-versatile beauties.



What Exactly is a Contemporary Neutral Rug?


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We're delighted you asked! This trend is all about adaptability, but with a modern twist that adds a little panache and personality. It's basically the inverse of what you imagine when you hear "boring neutrals." Consider a rich palette of neutrals—light cream, beautiful beige, a mix of grays, rich chocolatey brown, and bold black—that add depth while maintaining a neutral backdrop in your space.

This trend has a wide range of patterns. Subtle stripes, bold Moroccan-inspired motifs, bold geometrics, subtle patterns that appear solid from a distance, animal prints... There are numerous options, making it simple to find something that complements your style and space!


How to Style Contemporary Neutral Moroccan Rugs


Roll them in any room—Really!


Their adaptable appearance allows them to work in any setting. Bring one into the living room to create an inviting and grounding atmosphere. Place one in the bedroom and any other area where you want to promote relaxation. Alternatively, try a style in a children's room to add a touch of sophistication while also connecting the room to the rest of your home.


Add a lot of shaggy texture


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If you're concerned that a neutral Moroccan rug will be too boring in your space, use texture to add interest. Contemporary neutral Moroccan rugs are available in a variety of wonderfully cozy, shag textures, including carved geometric motifs, sumptuous shags, tasseled edges, and much more. Try one out and prepare to be amazed at how much personality and charm it adds! Bonus: These textured styles feel fantastic underfoot, especially in bedrooms and children's rooms!


Go full-on neutral-filled interior


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Do you like the all-neutral look? We most certainly are! Adding a contemporary neutral area rug to your space is a great way to keep the neutral theme going, creating a background layer that feels warm but doesn't overpower what's going on in the rest of the room. Try a bold pattern to create a focal point (think art for your floors!) or go for something more subdued to keep it simple.


Ground a colorful space

Sure, neutral patterns are great for all-neutral spaces, but they're also fantastic in color-filled spaces. We like the idea of grounding a colorful space with a modern neutral Moroccan rug at its base. Their neutral, earthy palette is ideal for balancing out the boldness of a rainbow's worth of colors and preventing your space from becoming overly colorful.


Don't Concern Yourself with Messes from Pets or Children


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Some people see neutral, light-colored rugs and immediately think of a mess to clean. And we get it! In a house full of kids and pets (or in just any home, really!), messes are a serious concern. When it comes to contemporary neutral Moroccan rugs, we recommend going with a style that has at least a subtle hint of pattern, and a mix of colors, too. These two things will help conceal any unsightly stains, making them ideal for high-traffic and spill-prone areas such as the entryway or dining room.