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Can a Moroccan Rug Be Placed Over a Carpet?

Can a Moroccan Rug Be Placed Over a Carpet?

You certainly can! If you know us, you know that we love rugs and that we always recommend rolling up our rugs on already existing carpets in your space. It's a tried-and-true method for freshening up rentals, a simple method to add personality with color and pattern, and so much more! Are you prepared to find out if placing a rug over a carpet is the best choice for your room? Find out by reading on!


Why Should you Place a Moroccan Rug Over a Carpet?

It's a go-to for rentals
Did you ever rent a home where you were unable to replace the carpet? Here is the answer: Spread a Moroccan rug out! It's the ideal inexpensive method to provide your place with a brand-new appearance while also enabling you to acquire your security deposit back.

It costs less money than replacing a whole carpet.
A fantastic option to achieve a fresh appearance for little money is to put on some large Moroccan area rugs. if you don't like the carpet in your home but don't have the money to replace it. And if you do decide to remove the carpet in the future? Rugs that match the room properly are already in your possession.


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It provides additional cushioning in kids' spaces and bedrooms.
Any room in your house can have a Moroccan rug added over a carpet, but our favorite spots are the kids' rooms and bedrooms—both of which you want to be as cozy and comfy as possible!

It is a simple way to introduce color and design.
Do you feel that your room might use a little extra oomph? You only need a brand-new Moroccan area rug over the carpet to complete the task! With our enormous selection of Berber rugs in a huge variety of patterns, colors, and styles, it's simple to pick a look you'll enjoy that will be a stunning addition to your house.


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It works great for hiding spills and stains.
Our area rugs can withstand a lot, from day-to-day foot traffic to casual spills and stains! Consider laying out a rug on top of any stubborn stains to cover them up and give your room a fresh new look.

It works well for dividing up spaces with an open space idea.
We genuinely adore open floor plans! But designing distinct yet harmonious places inside them might be challenging. Our preferred solution to this problem is to start by spreading out several Moroccan area rugs throughout the space. This will assist to add separation and make each section feel more like its own.


How to Layer a Moroccan Rug Over a Carpet

Find your preferable size.
Finding your ideal Moroccan rug is one of the most crucial steps! In this blog post, you can find out everything you need to know about choosing the right size.

Consider color.
Think about the colors used in the rest of the room, especially the carpet, before choosing a Moroccan rug. Although we all know that carpet typically comes in neutral tones, it isn't always the case. Decide on a rug that will enhance the carpet's tones rather than compete with them so that the space feels as though it is a whole.


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Keep in mind that a Moroccan rug looks better with a shorter carpet.
Shorter carpet piles will perform better and aid in the rug laying flattest and looking its finest when a rug is placed over a carpet.

Use carpet tape or large furniture as an anchor.
To prevent accidents or falls, you should absolutely secure your rug. Apply double-sided carpet tape, which is available at your neighborhood hardware or home improvement store, to the rug's underside to do this. You can also bind it if the rug is in a room with a lot of heavy furniture that will be put close to all of the rug's edges.