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5 Reasons Why a New Rug Beats Carpet in a Living Room

5 Reasons Why a New Rug Beats Carpet in a Living Room

Carpet replacement may be costly, disruptive, and time-consuming. Hardwood floor replacement calls for significantly more effort and consideration. Any room in your home can be made over with an inexpensive, fashionable living room Moroccan rug from Babakech rugs. Select a sizable area rug to hide stubborn stains and scuffs and breathe fresh life into a drab living room. No cutting, stretching, or tacking down new carpet is needed; all you have to do is have the rug brought to your door and roll it out on top of the old carpet.

Any room or house gets new vitality when a new style is introduced. Consider a vibrant bohemian rug, a modern shag rug, or how about a geometric rug to bring the outside in. For months, you'll be seeking an excuse to pass through or sit in that area. It doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to remodel a room. Simply choosing a huge living room rug to update or alter the flow of your living room can save you from having to replace the carpet.

The heart of the house is the living room. It's where the family congregates after dinner, where you spend reassuring nights at home by yourself with the cat, and where you serve drinks to your guests and engage them in conversation in front of the fireplace. Your best artwork is on show, and the furniture and rugs you've picked out to make your living room a comfortable space reflect your individuality. Continue reading to see how redesigning can be as easy as taking into account the size of the carpet in your living room and picking a new Moroccan rug style to bring in a new vibe.


1. Replace the Carpet in Your Living Room at a Smaller Cost


Living room carpets can be time-consuming, extremely messy, and difficult to repair. They can also be pricey because you'll need to hire someone to install the carpet and pay them by the square foot. It's also recommended to occasionally have these carpets professionally cleaned, adding another ongoing expense to your budget. However, a large area rug can give a wonderful style and flexibility that carpets simply lack while serving as a cover to protect or conceal your living room's worn-out carpet.

You won't have to spend money on carpet cleaning thanks to Moroccan rugs. The Berber rug can withstand wear and tear from foot traffic, animals, children, visitors, and everyday use. In addition, an indoor-outdoor living room rug may withstand a lot of wear and tear without looking worn out or used up if you're worried about how many people, kids, or pets spend time in your living room.


2. Sizes of Living Room Carpet That Complement Space and Style

The ability to cover an entire wall with carpet is an added benefit. But oversized Moroccan rugs can also be used to fit carpets into a living room. In a single-family home, townhouse, or even an apartment, a 9x12 rug will easily suit the standard-size living room. No need to worry if your living room is bigger than that. In your spacious living room, oversized rugs, like this 12x15 Chunky Jute Tasseled Rug, splay from wall to wall and provide the color and texture you want.

If your living room has even more space, don’t be afraid to frame your living room rug with multiple Moroccan runner rugs that all have the same color or even complementing patterns. A large border can help define your seating area, your craft space, or whatever else you use your living room for.



3. Find Limitless Rug Designs that Living Room Carpets Simply Lack

The range of potential styles may be constrained by the carpet in one's living room. Typically, only one texture or color option is offered, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money. However, you can decorate your space with more than one design by using a living room rug. You can get a 10 by 14 Moroccan rug and cover the floor from wall to wall, or you can choose many Berber rugs to accent the space and define certain areas. Consider purchasing two or three runner rugs as well as a custom rug for your seating area if your living room is particularly vast. The runner rugs can display artwork or different sitting configurations.



4. Area Rugs Will Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors always end up with scuffs, stains, and scratches when they aren't completely covered in wall-to-wall carpet, especially when children play on them, adults wear shoes and walk on them, pets scratch them, or when you're moving furniture. With a big living room rug that allows a honey-colored floor to peek through the borders without suffering from traffic or kids, you can protect your stunning hardwood floors without sacrificing their lovely appearance. Alternatively, rugs can save the day if your hardwood floors are already worn out and you're thinking about covering them with carpet. Given that wooden floors get most of their wear and damage toward the center of the floor, Area rugs can conceal and cover a room's structural support while displaying and enhancing the more attractive hardwood wall-to-floor edges. The hardwood floors in your living room can be made to stand out with rich contrast or to complement or match the color of these rugs.



5. Adjust Your Interior Seasonally Without Hurting Your Wallet

Living Room carpets often don't lend themselves to changes every three to six months, or whenever the holiday spirit or a particular season strikes you. Before it's time to change your carpet once more, you'll have to live with the hues and designs you selected. But with new, reasonably priced designs and style options that fit your needs and the demands of your family, a living room rug from Babakech rugs may help you liven up a space again and time again.

You may even put in seasonal carpets as you decorate for various occasions or to fit a certain mood. In the thick of winter, do you miss your beach house? Lay down a seashore rug with neutral or blue hues that suggest the sand and sun. Your Christmas tree is being put up. Look for a white, thick wool rug that will contrast the evergreen trees and provide just a little extra shine to the lights. Spring and summer are you ready for? Place an abstract rug down. Simply roll it up and store it in your attic when you're done with one type or another (you can't do that with wall-to-wall carpet).


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Babakech Rugs Got you Covered!

Ready to update your living space in a stylish and affordable way? Find your ideal Moroccan rug or design instead of keeping the carpet in your living room. At Babakech rugs, we have a huge selection of options that will fit any budget, any style, and any requirement for longevity.

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