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New Trend: Moroccan Checkered Rugs

New Trend: Moroccan Checkered Rugs

Moroccan checkered rugs: This is an interior trend we've seen pop up all over interiors recently, and it's not going away anytime soon. These area rugs can add an excellent, modernist effect or a classic look that recalls the traditional Berber rug pattern, depending on how you style them. In any case, they'll make a statement and add a punch of geometric design to your space. Curious about how to achieve the look and which rugs to purchase to achieve it? Continue scrolling!


Moroccan Checkered Rugs are a Great Way to Go Modern


Graphic checkered rugs, with their sharp angles and bold repeating pattern, are the ideal complement to modern furnishings and accents. To create a memorable backdrop for your space, place one among sleek, spare furniture and accents with interesting shapes.


Make a Statement With Black and White Checks


Do you like a look that makes a statement? Use a checkered rug to complete the task! This black and white checkered rug really stands out in its space, and it ties together all of the dark and light colors seen throughout the decor.


Choose a Timeless Look


The Moroccan checkerboard rug trend is great because it goes with so many different styles. Unlike the modern look above, checkered area rugs blend perfectly with classic pieces such as intricately carved furniture, antiques, and more traditional designs. With its bold graphic pattern, the checkered rug will add contrast.


Bring it Outside


The idea of bringing Moroccan checkered rugs outside is fantastic. We love how the checkerboard pattern looks on a porch or patio, almost like checkered tiles! It's the ideal way to add a splash of color to your outdoor space while also providing a soft spot to walk on.


Check Out Our Favorite Moroccan Checkered Rugs

Are you ready to introduce checkered rugs into your home? Here are a few of our top suggestions for pulling it off!

If you like the look of the rugs shown above, take a look at the Black Checkerboard Rug, Black Mosaic Rug, Black Chequerboard Rug, Black Crosshatch Rug, and Black Checkbox Rug.

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And if you want to ease into the trend with something more subtle, check out our Checkerboard RugTraditional Checkered RugWhite Checkered Rug, and New Take Checkered Rug.