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Black-and-white Moroccan Rugs Will Improve the Look of Any Room

Black-and-white Moroccan Rugs Will Improve the Look of Any Room

Black and white Moroccan rugs appear to be neutral players on the color team. People may believe they rely on simple tones and that their distinct contrast will clog up your room. If you prefer bright colors, you might not consider black-and-white rugs. However, these area rugs add a bright vibrancy to a truly unique room. While some people associate black and white with zebras, Moroccan rugs in this style come in all shapes and sizes and can complement any decor.

Black and white Moroccan rugs are extremely versatile. They can be neutral colors in a room with a rainbow of colors, or they can be the statement piece in a mostly neutral room. If your room is too dark and needs more light, the black lines on a white rug will bring out the brightness of the white. However, if your room needs some definition, black can set the tone for the rest of the space.


Black-and-White Moroccan Rugs in Minimalist Designs

Black and white rugs know how to speak softly when necessary. A black-and-white rug can provide simple, clean lines that pair nicely with the rest of your space, without darkening or adding too much noise, in a neutral room or a room with a modern, minimalist design.

Black and white Moroccan rugs, like charcoal drawings, can blend parts of your room together without being distracting. This Abstract Retro Area Rug from Babakech Rugs combines black and white to create a harmonious blend of abstract elements in a minimalist-style room.

If you prefer more lines in your contemporary-styled room, this Black Symmetrical Parallel Area Rug adds more boldness while not overpowering the decor. The uneven bars create interesting shapes and emphasize each line and angle.



Black and White Moroccan Rugs Matched with a Contrasting Color


What's all black, white, and red? It might be your room. Black-and-white rugs help to highlight vibrant colors such as scarlet or tangerine. Combine a bright accent piece with a black-and-white Moroccan rug.

A black-and-white soundtrack will not drown out the vibrant colors. In fact, the contrast will bring out the vibrancy of your color, whether it's pink, yellow, green, or blue. On your couch, bed, or in paintings on your walls, mix simple black and white patterns with more complex colorful patterns.

The geometrical pattern on this Black Berber Trellis Area Rug from Babakech Rugs is created with simple, bold lines. Add bright colors to your decor, such as yellow or Fuschia, and watch how they stand out against a black and white background. Even darker or pastel colors will stand out when paired with a black and white chorus to back up their notes.



Black and White Moroccan Rugs: Limitless Options


Most people associate black and white with the classic black and white checkered rug backgrounds found in mid-century diners and kitchens. And, unlike a zebra, black and white Moroccan rugs do not have to be limited to checks and stripes. Many different types of rugs are available in black and white.


Black-and-White Moroccan Rugs: Central Pieces

A black and white Moroccan rug can be the dramatic centerpiece that captures your personality in the room's decor if you're looking for a bold, graphic statement. Your black and white area rug will and can draw attention to the statement it makes. Black and white Berber rugs can speak for themselves and become the visual focal point of your design, whether it's a vibrant pattern or a work of art woven into the rug.

Rugs like this Black And White Simple Serpent Area Rug from Babakech Rugs add a loudspeaker to your space. A charcoal study that happens to be 8 by 10 and on your floor will not be lacking in style or design.