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5 Simple Ways to Bring Navy Blue Moroccan Rugs Into Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Bring Navy Blue Moroccan Rugs Into Your Home

Navy blue is frequently thought of as a safe, versatile color by interior designers. It may conjure up images of school uniforms, sports teams, or nautical designs. However, navy blue Moroccan rugs can be used in a variety of rooms and decor: The exotic spice serves as the foundation for the rest of the room's theme. Use them for traditional styles, classical themes, or unconventional ideas.

Navy blue Moroccan rugs may appear to be neutral options, but they can highlight lines and shapes while also bringing out bright colors. When paired with bright green or fuschia, navy blue can be a daring choice. This dark blue can also serve as a link between two or more different colors that would otherwise clash. In a sea of neutral colors such as white or beige, navy blue can make a bold statement on the ground that ties everything together.

Navy blue Moroccan rugs showcase the deepest shades of blue. They can be used in almost any style of the room, regardless of the theme or color scheme. There are numerous themes, patterns, and variations of navy blue that you can incorporate into your home.


1. Anchor the Room With a Sea-Themed Navy Blue Moroccan Rug

A nautical theme is popular with everyone. Whether you want to add a touch of the sea to your beach house or your child wants a bedroom with mythical underwater creatures on the walls, navy blue evokes the mystery of the deeps. Dive right into navy-blue-and-white stripes, and don't forget to bring a few anchors with you. Even if you don't live near a body of water, room design can transport you to the sea and everything you love about it.

Rugs such as this Navy Blue Checkered Area Rug brings the best out-of-sea blue into your child's playroom, dining room, or living room. Combine this Moroccan wool rug with a white breakfast table or place it beneath a coffee table that displays your shell and model boat collection. A navy blue handmade rug with a design like this one can help speak your identity in a contemporary-themed room or a room that simply reflects your unique personality.



2. Navy Blue Moroccan Rugs: Patterns in Deep Blue

Global patterns and unique styles belong in any kind of room. Moroccan rugs, whether traditional or modern rugs add dramatic splashes of navy blue to a room as well as more complexity with their featured styles and distinct airs. These area rugs can also add a variety of textures and colors to your room, giving it more depth and character.



3. Create a Charming Picture Frame With Navy Blue Borders

Every picture requires a good frame to highlight its unique design. Moroccan rugs benefit from the same strategy. A navy border can highlight your room's perfect Berber rug, whether it has a unique weave, a different texture, or a charming pattern or picture. Sharp lines and a dark contrast make bright patterns stand out. They can also help to highlight thin lines in the rug's pattern. However, a border is not required on a Moroccan rug; natural fiber rugs look lovely with a navy-blue border to highlight their lovely texture.

Consider the navy-blue border to be more than a frame for the tribal rug. For added impact, place a hand-carved coffee table in the center. Place a plant in a curving metal stand on the rug if you're rolling out a runner near a window. These frames are perfect for displaying whatever you're proud of in your room.



4. Use a Navy Blue Rug to Draw Attention to the Light

A navy blue Moroccan rug in a sunny room can absorb the bright light and keep you from being blinded by natural light. Floor lamps and soft chandelier lights illuminate a different, more elegant side of navy blue at night. When navy blue is combined with brighter colors or even shades of white, it can help to emphasize the light in a room. Thin dark navy stripes highlight the broader, colorful strips, making a bright color appear even brighter. Navy borders and accents, such as those found on our navy blue handmade rugs, prevent you from relying on an all-white rug to brighten a space.



5. Use Solid Navy Blue Rugs to Make a Statement

While patterns, borders, and stripes are all popular and appropriate, how about a splash of deep, navy blue in your living room or dining room without the frills? For the ultimate in color and texture, pair a beautiful hardwood floor with a contrasting braided navy blue Moroccan rug. If your living room is already bright with light neutrals and pearly whites, add a splash of navy blue in front of the couch.

Navy blue area rugs are the best friend of the student and the office worker. When you drop pens or spill navy blue ink, the deep rug can simply hide the stain, making it both a practical and stylish option. In your home office or child's room, place a cedar desk on top of a navy blue wool rug to create a functional workspace without sacrificing classic style.



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