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Top Five Amazigh Rugs

Top Five Amazigh Rugs

From local natural resources to a specific process of craftsmanship, the Amazigh rug comes from a very rich background that stands out by itself culturally and traditionally throughout the world. Decades of delicate handmade craftsmanship combined with the manifestation of the Amazigh identity gave birth to like no other decorative art that distinguishes itself décor, art, and comfort-wise. It is considered nowadays as a cultural heritage that not only women weave for daily life uses, but also to transform their beliefs, practices, activities, knowledge, and values. Each Atlas region has its unique rug that differs in color choice, symbols, patterns, and style, and even materials and the weaving method. 



Ben Ouarain

Ben Ouarain is a crowned jewel amongst Amazigh rugs and the world. Palette of simple lozenges alongside the use of either ivory or creamy white colors and the precise execution from the amazing artisans of Beni Ouarain rural tribes grant their rugs a harmonious rhythm, aesthetic, and style fusion. Not only that, Ben Ouarain's rugs can give your living or working space a burst of texture as well as a splash of pure light due to the monochrome tones. One thing is certain, there's nothing like coziness, comfortability, and warmth. 




If the Ben Ouarain rug is the crown jewel, the Azilal rug is a hidden gem! Exactly like a story being told; women express their emotion and passion through the outer world and the emotional sensitivities of the weaver. By the use of both white or creamy base combined with a festival of bright, vibrant colors that are never seen in any other Amazigh rug with simple geometrical figures such as squares, rectangles, or diamonds. The Azilal rugs are a breakthrough of women artisans, natural resources, and the prosperity of the land, all of which contributed to the recent popularity. 




The Boujaad rug, on the other hand, is well known for the variety of its great combination of red, orange, crimson, and pink together with a collection of patterns and symbols. Despite the bold pop of color overload that begs for attention and dominance, the Boujaad rug can tie everything together while centering itself within a space. 




Unlike other Amazigh rugs that are woven with fresh wool or cotton, Boucherouit rugs are entirely woven by upcycling pieces of cloth and fabrics which create this beautiful thick texture as well as an overall patchwork kind of style with a good character. Plus, The combination of color palettes shed a deliberate sense of mood, which is interrupted by the symmetrical rhythms and motifs of the Boucherouit rug. 




Mrirt rugs are much simpler base-wise compared to the other Amazigh rugs but rather complex at the same time. This stylish textile tribal variation is portrayed through the numerous designs and patterns one could find due to the creativity and imagination weavers possess. The Mrirt rug represents more of a piece of an art painting than a decorative object due to the exquisite designs it holds. Either hang it or floor it for an art gallery setting.