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Presenting Our Patterned Moroccan Rugs

Presenting Our Patterned Moroccan Rugs

One of the many unexpected ways Moroccan rug patterns transform a room is what makes our patterned collection such a slam dunk. If you've never decorated with patterns before or are considering it, take a look at some of the key moments in our collection which is a primer on how to use patterns in your home.


Diamonds on Diamonds


Diamond and checkerboard rugs are a focal point in our collections, whether they are the main attraction or a smaller motif within a larger pattern. These eye-catchers make a statement, so place them in a room where you can show them off, such as the living room or dining room. They also have a nod to the diamond tiles used in Art Deco entryways. Bottom line: life is wonderful, and so should your rugs!





Stripes have a terrific personality that brightens a space, makes the room look bigger, and adds a dash of fun! When placing Moroccan striped rugs on the floor, the lines should run perpendicularly to the focal piece of furniture they complement—for example, a couch—as seen here with the Moroccan Kilim Striped Wool-Blend Rug. Stripes are also a terrific counterpoint to luscious texture.


Whether High or Low Pile



Great for bedrooms and nurseries, these uniquely textured pieces—a pile that alternates between high and low, as the name implies—will look and feel great anywhere you want them. Don't be afraid to put an 8'x10' or 9'x12' in the center of your living room! These babies are designed to please. You and your companions (human or animal) will enjoy the vibe!


Patterns that Are Allover and Abstract



Are you feeling more evocative and less geometric? Traditional? Conceptual? We've got you covered! Patterns like the ones on our Abstract rug collection add interest to any room without you having to worry about where to put them. Simply lay it down and you're done! We promise!


The Checkered Pattern



Despite the allure of the proverbial 'off the grid' lifestyle, this collection prefers to live decisively on the grid. The repeating patterns of our checkered rug collection provide a classic structure with a hint of playfulness. With their incredible organic wool fibers, these pieces are primed to be the perfect foundation for any space.