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Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Our Checkered Rug?

Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Our Checkered Rug?

Our checkered rug collection has been garnering attention on our humble website. So, we're shining the spotlight on a best seller that's gaining traction— and for good reason! The Moroccan checked rug is a must-have piece that brings style and versatility to any space.


On-Trend? Check


This rug's look is completely on-trend—checkered patterns are having a moment in the world of decor right now. The green checkered rug, which arrived on the market at the height of this design's popularity, was an instant hit as a décor darling. Since then, it has been popular among designers, house stylists, and content providers.


An Ever-Popular Pattern


Checks are timeless in terms of home decor. Designers and decorators alike keep returning to it because it simply works—particularly with this wool wonder. It adds charisma, charm, and the perfect amount of sophistication to any area. When so many professionals agree, you know you've uncovered a true treasure that will take your home design game to the next level.


Midcentury, Contemporary, & More


At first sight, our checkered rug gives off a midcentury modern impression, but this flexible little piece manages to work its magic in whichever room it's placed in. It has endless style and combines classic structure with a touch of whimsy thanks to its repeating pattern.


Available in Custom Colors


These checks, which are available in a variety of unique colors, continue to be the most popular choice. You simply have to witness the stunning gradient shading within the strands of your preferred color for yourself. The colors are so rich and multi-faceted that it radiates a high-end appearance that is only matched by its high-quality, hand-tufted wool construction. It's like a piece of art on your floor.


Close Up Look


The design of our checkered rug contributes to its versatility, but the materials and workmanship are just as significant in explaining why this piece is so popular. Made of organic wool, it's soft, snug, and (softly) exudes elegance. Walking across this carpeting barefoot feels divine.


Check, Please!

It's no surprise that our checkered rug has become a popular choice among interior designers, stylists, and home enthusiasts. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a trendy statement with our Moroccan checkered rugs. Shop the Checkered Collection to find your favorite color of the Checked Rug, among many others. You'll undoubtedly find something for every room in your house, and your friends will be green with envy!